The RPL Process

STEP 1 – Pre-Enrolment Interview

Requires a formal discussion between You and the Assessor to determine your eligibility, what units you want to apply for and what evidence the assessor is looking for. You leave with the agreed evidence the assessor is expecting you to provide. It also requires photographic ID. You are also required to complete a pre-enrolment questionnaire, and then an application form and an LLN test.

STEP 2 – RPL Process

In order for your skills to be formally recognised as part of a National AQF Qualification, Assessors must make sure that you have the required skills and knowledge to meet the industry standard.

This requires

  • that you contact us when you have the evidence assembled;
  • Your availability and to schedule a time for the assessor to conduct assessment
  • Typically, RPL can take up to a maximum of 6 months. After the application lapses, the applicant will have to reapply. The application fee will not be carried forward.

STEP 3 – Assessment Against Units

The assessor will undertake a competency conversation with you relating to the supporting evidence that you must provide. The assessor will also conduct an interview asking you to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding in your nominated Qualification. This is done according to the units that form up the desired Qualification.

STEP 4 – Demonstration of Skills

The assessor goes on site and undertakes onsite assessment based on your demonstration of practical skills. You will be assessed by the assessor for the required units of competency. You will be asked to explain what you are doing as you go; video and photographs must be provided.