The RPL Process


STEP 1 – Consultation

Requires a formal discussion between You and the Assessor to determine your eligibility.

STEP 2 – RPL Process

In order for your skills to be formally recognised as part of a National Qualification, Assessors must make sure that you have the required skills and knowledge to meet the industry standard.

This requires

  • Interview & Questioning;
  • Observation & Demonstration.

STEP 3 – 100 Points Required

  • Passport (70 points)
  • Birth certificate (70 points)
  • Driver licence (40 points)
  • Student ID card with photo from an Australian Institute (40 points)
  • Medicare card (25 points)
  • Bank Debit/Credit Card (25 points)​

STEP 4 – Supporting Evidence

  • Resume (we will help you put your CV together)
  • Work samples and documents such as tender documents, invoices, quotations, plans, sketches etc
  • Any licences
  • Letter of employment
  • Third Party Reports
  • Current employment contracts
  • 2 x reference letters from current/previous employers.
  • Photos and videos undertaken at work wearing Personal Protective Equipment.
  • Former/Current qualifications (if available)
  • Diaries/task sheets/job sheets/log books.
  • White Card
  • Industry awards
  • Site competencies held record.


Recognition of prior learning can be completed Australia-wide.